My first employee

August 4, 2009

He was my peer. Similar age, different background (financial) but wanted to assist and learn about photography. I’d put an advert online for an assistant for a one off, corporate photo shoot. This was the first time I had ever felt the need for an assistant, mainly to help hump the gear around and set up and down. I had loads of responses, but his application seemed like the best fit for me. I met with him for a beer and as he had turned up on time and seemed willing to help and learn thought he was suitable. He was a nice guy. He never worked with me again. Bad choice. And I never got hired by the client again. When I was taking the group shot of the board, we were trying to get them to smile so what did he say instead of “cheese” or “potatoes”? He said, say “Bollocks”. This was totally uncalled for! I was embarrassed. In hindsight it is quite funny but, (and I hate this word) inappropriate. Of course, photographers are always going to need assistants…